Consulting Services

Management Consulting

Starting up and growing brings along many challenges. Often this growth and change process is difficult and expensive. 

We advice and think along with you and put our experience to your benefit, avoiding possible mistakes, helping out when extra capacity and help is needed. And we do it with a genuine interest in your success.

We have an personal interest to help you succeed, after all our mission is to create A Better Future, and you can make it happen.

Technology & Supply Chain Consulting 

We have a long background in technology and IT, and have worked intensively with complex supply chains to major global OEM's.

We help you understand the opportunities and challenges, to create a better and profitable business that solve the challenges ahead, and put you in a leading position compared to your competitors.

We have a network of specialists in the plant based industry ranging from manufacturing to logistics.

Our inhouse team of IT specialists can help you with IT services and fullstack solutions.

Brand representation & Licensing

We represent your brand or your license in the Swedish and Nordic markets. We help you establish, create contacts and or drive your sales in Sweden or the Nordics.

In combination with thorough market analyses we aim at maximizing the success of your business within the market and can introduce you to relevant parties.

We are the first and only vegan sales agency on the Nordic market.

We represent selected vegan brands with uniquely good products that are not only vegan but often gluten and allergen free.

Project Management Consulting

We have senior project management resources available to manage any project from A to Ö (the latter being the last letter in the Swedish alphabet)