About us

We are a team of engaged experienced executives that want to contribute in a positive way to society and help solve critical challenges human kind is faced with.

We at A Better Future can help with this transition and make all our experience available to young founders, innovative companies and investment companies that are coming up with tomorrows solutions to the climate crisis and offer real alternatives for meat and diary consumption, create planet friendly production methods and circular business models.

We are working with tomorrows technology to facilitate this transition and can help companies build sustainable and transparent supply chains using blockchain, IoT and other innovative ways to create A Better Future.

As a company we are truly committed to this cause and although we are a for profit organization, we have committed to reinvest our profits in companies, organizations and initiatives that support our mission and share our values.

We want to maximize impact, not personal profits.

Michel Bracké - Founder, Management

Michel Bracké is a senior business professional and management executive with a long corporate and entrepreneurial background. He is an accredited board member and has experience as CEO or board member in listed and non-listed companies. He has been a vocal advocate for plant based diets since 1983.

Michel is a Harvard Business School Alumni and holds an M.Sc. in Applied Arts.

Fabrice Marchal - Technology

Fabrice Marchal is a purpose-driven tech entrepreneur and experienced CTO with a strong academic background in complex systems.

He has a lifelong passion for the rural world, food production and farming technologies since his childhood spent on the family farm.

Fabrice holds an M.Sc. in Engineering Physics and Ph.D. in Transportation Economics.