Stockholm/ Lausanne September 05th 2022

A Better Future AB, Venture Associate for Beyond Animal

Beyond Animal and A Better Future AB(ABF) have signed a cooperation agreement, allowing ABF to act as a Venture Associate and help companies within the fast growing plant based sector to raise capital on the Beyond Animal deal platform.

Beyond Animal offers investment tools and services to entrepreneurs, investors, and Accelerators:

  • The Beyond Animal App (BAA) is an algorithm-driven matchmaking tool letting accelerators, investors and entrepreneurs interact with each other directly depending upon their offerings and areas of focus.

  • Funding By Beyond Animal (FBBA) is an invitation-only platform, that allows qualified investors to access highly-curated investment opportunities and to evaluate deals using its data room, due-diligence and transaction management capabilities.

  • FBBA allows entrepreneurs to present their capital raises to qualified investors, to create their own data room within FBBA and manage their fundraise.

  • Capital raises conducted on FBBA are promoted to the Beyond Animal database of investors in plant-based and alternative protein businesses, which now reaches into the thousands.

V-Label and A Better Future AB have entered an exclusive licensing agreement regarding the use of the V-Label certification in Sweden.

10th January 2022 – A Better Future AB today announced that the Company has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with the V-Label, a global certification label for vegan and vegetarian products. Under the agreement, A Better Future has the exclusive right to use the V-Label for the certification of Swedish vegan and vegetarian products meeting the stringent and controlled quality measures. The V-Label is applied to certify food, cosmetics and non-food items alike.

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Food for thought!

Some food, excuse the pun, for thought. Vegan food shipped from across the globe produces many many times less CO2 emissions than beef sourced from a local farmer. Locally produced organic meat and dairy are just not the answer as the transportation and shipping represent hardly anything in the total impact picture. Take active steps now and start with implementing easy solutions to create A Better Future.


Vegan tuna is the next big frontier in the Plant based industry.


Here are 6 companies with tuna alternatives. Hooked from Sweden recently got a 3.8 M€ investment, whilst Nestlé has its own Vuna to target this market.

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Plant Based Lifestyle Key Consumer trend


A growing number of consumers are looking towards including plant based products in their diets and alternative proteins are forecast to represent 11% of total market by 2035. We believe it will be higher, thanks to a growing number of players and money flowing into the business area.

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Pogba Designs vegan football boots


A growing number of top athletes have adopted fully plant based diet, including Venus Williams, Tyler Hamilton and Kyrie Irving, now Paul Pogba designed together with Stella McCartney a first pair of vegan boots in cooperation with Adidas.

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New Plant Bases Alliance


Great to see more initiatives to push the agenda forward in a new plant-based alliance, for a better future, especially after the UK government swiftly deleted a document advocating for a plant-based diet to tackle the climate crisis.

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