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🌱 Elevate Your Plant-Based Food-Tech Venture with Our Consultancy Services! 🌱

Are you an entrepreneur in the rapidly evolving world of plant-based food technology and struggling within the current climate of reduced investments, flattening sales and rising costs? Our consultancy specializes in guiding plant-based food-tech companies like yours towards a flourishing future. Success starts with a solid foundation

🚀 Why Choose Us? 🚀

🌱 Building Strong Roots: We're not about fancy jargon or lofty promises. Our mission is simple: to help plant-based food-tech companies like yours develop a robust strategy. Together, we'll lay the groundwork for your growth. 

💰 Budding Finances: We understand the challenges of securing financing. With our guidance, you'll optimize your financial resources and access the funding needed to thrive. 

🌐 Sales & Marketing Prowess: Our experts can assist in building a solid sales strategy for companies looking to enter the Swedish market or expand their current sales in Sweden. We even have a team for helping you with your Social Media.

🙌 Trusted Advisors: Think of us as mission aligned advisors and coaches. We're here to provide guidance, share our wisdom, and be your steady support in your journey to become a profitable and successful company. Lean on our knowledge and experience to make informed decisions and achieve your goals.

It's even in the Cloud: And here's our secret weapon – our stellar team of developers is ready to take care of your IT infrastructure and applications. We run mission aligned applications and infrastructure, quietly in the back with developers that run on plant-based fuel too.

🌍 Sustainable Success: Join us in reshaping the future of food. We're dedicated to helping you create not only a profitable business but also a sustainable and ethical one, aligned with the values of today's consumers.

Certifying plant based products

Funding plant based companies

Edutainment events for companies

Events promoting plant based lifestyle

We work for A Better Future

A Better Future AB is a mission driven Swedish management consultancy. We offer sustainable services that help promote a plant-based lifestyle and that address some of the world's most pressing issues, including climate change & food insecurity. 

Our mission is to reduce the global consumption of animal products by promoting a sustainable, healthy, and compassionate food system as well as support businesses with services focused on sustainability, circularity and regeneration.  

We are a team of experienced entrepreneurial business executives that want to share our experience, our commitment and knowledge with young and established companies willing to make an impact, to solve the key challenges facing humanity and to create 

A Better Future.

V-Label is the worlds most recognised and trusted label for testing and certification of vegan and vegetarian products, including food, cosmetics, fashion and other non-food items and services such as hotels. 

With nearly 50.000 products the V-Label is the worlds most recognized certification for vegan and vegetarian products.

A Better Future is the exclusive licensor for the V-Label in Sweden and helps companies with certification, market research, insights, ingredient consulting, advertising, partners and other guidance.

Animal derived food is responsible for ~15% of all CO2 emissions in the world. 

Tasting Change is a series of fun and entertaining company events and presentations with interactive food tasting.

We offer engaging, nutritiously delicious company events and lectures. Tasting Change talks about the impact of food on climate (foodprint), what companies can do to make a change whilst letting participants taste delicious plant based food. The event is interactive, with music, quizzes, food and video.

Beyond Animal simplifies access to finance and opportunities for companies and investors across the vegan economy.  

We are Venture Associates at Beyondanimal.com and help plant based and animal free companies to get access to funding, giving access to 1000+ investors focused and interested in investing within this fast growing space. 

We offer total solution services including a deal platform, consultancy services and pitch events.

Sustainable protein ingredients for all.

Fotortec's technology uses vegetable foodwaste to generate an umami and truly accessible vegan protein. It contains 18 of the 21 amino acids in nature, of which 8 are essential for humans. Its production is up to 20 times more efficient than the most popular vegan proteins; of natural production with 100% traceability. We believe a true food revolution is possible and can help restore the planet while preventing the death by malnutrition of more children – the foundation of our future. 

A Better Future AB represents Fotortec for the Nordic markets.

On September 10th we organised the first vegan food fair in Mood Gallerian/Chouchou restaurant in cooperation with Yourbeet.app, Chouchou and Jävligt Gott. A day full of interesting seminars, day party and 25+ companies showing off their food innovations. Well over 1000 people visited the fair and reactions were fantastic, a new editionis being planned. 👯‍♀️💥🥦

Watch the panel discussions and presentations here:

We are mentor at Proveg Incubator

A Better Future AB is a member of the EVU.